Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Make your wedding memorable with a floral wedding stage

A wedding day is a day that truly symbolises new beginnings and fresh starts. So what better way to represent that emerging newness than fresh flowers? Flowers are becoming an increasingly popular choice in wedding d├ęcor for many couples across the capital at present; particularly for wedding stages. And with our distinct expertise in creating stunning London Asian wedding stages for many years now, we are in a great position to tell you more about the unique advantages of floral wedding stages.

Indian wedding decorations are renowned for being lavish and rich, filled with glorious colour explosions and texture. That’s precisely why flowers can be a fantastic way to embellish them. The versatility and flexibility of floral arrangements is the key to their success. With an innumerable catalogue of flowers to choose, from you can be certain that there is something to suit your taste and wedding theme. The wedding stage is a central focal point for a wedding day, with all eyes eagerly on the bride and groom throughout the day. So the importance of taking time to really think about how you arrange and decorate it cannot be underestimated. Flowers can represent a range of themes, from classical orchids, femininity in gypsophilia, romanticism of roses, the modern cleanliness of tulips or the exoticism of anthiriums. And of course flowers are the perfect colour matching embellishment to your wedding stage.

Floral wedding stages can really make the most out of your wedding stage, whether it is using a central floral arrangement between the couple, a floral hanging feature, flowers elegantly set around the pillars on the stage structure or floral stage floor decorations. Whether you opt for a single type of bloom or a mixed selection of flowers, you can find something to suit.

You may of course be put off from flowers because of their reputation as being expensive and because fresh flowers obviously have a natural shelf life. But there are ways around this. Firstly, if cost is a concern then it is considerably cheaper to buy flowers in season locally then imported or rarer blooms. You can also make your pound go further by including other natural elements in your floral arrangements, such as grasses and shrubs. In terms of ensuring your flowers are memorable and leave a lasting impression, you can always press or dry some of your flowers to keep as wedding mementos.

So without a doubt, a wedding stage can be made all the more beautiful with a personalised and elegant selection of flowers, and guaranteed to take your guests breath away!

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  1. Both of these are such cute wedding stages. Really loved all decorations. I am going to get married at destination Chicago venues and would love to have such decent decorations for my big day. Going to show this to my planner.